• Michael Waterhouse

My Top 5 Coastal Locations

Here is a list of my favourite coastal locations that aren’t too far from Adelaide. I haven’t included any locations from further afield on the Eyre Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Yorke Peninsula or the Flinders Ranges. These 5 spots are great for experienced and novice photographers alike.



I wanted to include at least one metro beach in this list as this is where I cut my teeth as a landscape photographer, shooting the many jetties that jut out from the mainland from Largs Bay down to Brighton. Semaphore probably edges out the other beach side suburbs due to the jetty retaining its old wooden charm and also having the watch tower alongside for that awesome foreground or background interest. I’ve witnessed some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen at Semaphore. Turn around from looking out to see and the foreshore is also very photogenic.

Top Tip: Stand next to the watch tower, with a super wide lens and shoot the jetty with the watch tower as your foreground interest.

Port Elliot


Port Elliot is a popular spot for holidaying South Australians and rightly so. The stretch of coastline from Horseshoe Bay to Knights Beach faces south so you can capture the setting sun looking towards Victor Harbor, and dawn sees first light in the direction of Goolwa. Another reason this location is superb for photography is the red rocks that sit on the waters edge acting as a barrier against the rough seas blowing in from the Southern Ocean.

Top Tip: Set up your camera down at the rocks at the entrance to Knights Beach facing West at sunset. Capture the sun as it sets over the coastline while the waves crash into the huge rocks in your foreground.

Second Valley


Second Valley might be up there as my number one location for photography. It offers stunning views of the coastline and unique geological formations. This beach is popular for swimming, jetty fishing and snorkelling and looks particularly turquoise in summer. Named as such because it was the second valley after Rapid Bay that early settlers discovered, the white and buff-coloured dolomitic limestone, grey to black slate, and quartz veins offer great foreground interest in any direction. A miniature rocky peninsula offers coastline views north and south of the rolling hills unique to this particular area of the Fleurieu.