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Panoramic images by landscape photographer Michael Waterhouse

Panoramic images are an unique and effective way of capturing and displaying certain scenes. By framing the subject in this way, we can show more of the beauty of what surrounds us. Compared to normal landscape photography, panoramic photos give us the opportunity to showcase the vast and immense beauty of nature, rather than limiting ourselves to a standard aspect crop. Panoramic wall décor has the ability to capture so much within a single frame, with landscapes being the natural choice along with cityscapes and skylines as capturing a full skyline is possible when working with panoramic prints

My panoramic landscape images are usually shot at a longer focal length in vertical format, then stitched together to create one long, super-high resolution image with stunning detail. Panoramic photo prints are a dramatic and breathtaking way to decorate your home or office. A panoramic photo is wide and unobstructed, taking in an extensive area in all directions. Panoramic images look best in larger spaces. Wide, empty walls are the perfect location. Placement above sofas or beds lend a theme and a focus to any room. Empty space above stairwells or doorways are popular as well.

Panoramas are typically displayed quite large and are more likely to attract attention than typical images. This type of wall art can be used for high-impact interior decorating. My panoramic prints have an aspect ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, with the image measuring at least 2-3x wider than it is high.

A panoramic print is a wide, stunning display which will brighten up the walls of your home or office. With the ability to transform a space with a vibrant injection of colour, panoramic prints are perfect for staircase backdrops and landings. With a wide range of sizes to choose from up to 3m in length, this could be the ideal canvas printing option to display your awe-inspiring panoramic photography.

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3-1 Panoramic Images
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