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Let's talk about Metal

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

My images, when produced as Aluminium HD prints, are made using a special ink that’s printed on paper and then transferred to the metal surface using heat & pressure. ChromaLuxe aluminum photo panels are unique due to their white polymer finish, which soaks up the ink during the sublimation process. This offers the ability to create custom metal prints with colours from a much wider colour gamut, making them ideal for printing my landscape images whether they’re bright and vivid, or soft and pastel like.

Imagine a sheet of recycled aluminum covered with a white backing layer, and then what you could think of as a thin layer of clear gel. The dyes are heat infused into that gel layer, so light passes through the color, reflects off the white backing, and comes back through the color before hitting your eye. Since the image is infused into the metal surface, it results in a clear and vibrant finish that truly brings out the beauty of my images.

Chromaluxe metal panels are perfect for printing my fine art landscape images directly onto metal, ensuring a premium quality product every time, using only high-definition printing technology that produces stunning, true-to-life prints of my images. Additionally, my metal prints can be displayed using a number of options for hanging, mounting and framing, making them the perfect choice for the home or office.

Why metal?

My aluminium HD prints are high-definition wall art pieces made from my landscape images printed on a sleek aluminum surface. The combination of my ultra-detailed, tastefully edited images, and the dye-infusion process that suspends the photo in a thin coating on the surface of the Metal Prints, creates a luminous and almost 3-D effect that takes wall art to a whole new level. They make you feel like you are right there, looking at the breathtaking natural scenery. So, if you love being out in nature, my metal images bring nature inside to you. Prints on metal give my fine-art images an industrial and contemporary feel while adding depth.

An option of two surface/finishes to choose from (Gloss & Matte), make this medium suitable for all tastes and preferences. My custom metal prints can be purchased ready to hang with a clean, frameless design that minimizes the hassle of having to frame the piece under glass or acrylic. The frameless design also means that there’s no added cost for framing the prints if that’s the option you decide to purchase.

Alternatively, my Aluminium HD prints can be purchased with a number of framing options.

European Frame - Distinctive and Contemporary

The metal print sits flush on top of the frame, so that the frame is not visible from the front and only seen when viewed from the sides. The frame is custom designed and made and is 3.3cm deep. Available in three different shades Black, White and Silver aluminium. Beautifully finished with smooth edges, with an adjustable wire hanging system on the back, ready to hang!

Art Box Frame - Stunning Presentation

A fine edge surround. The ultimate modern look and edge protection for the metal print, the Art Box Frame makes for a stunning presentation. A fine edge surrounds the metal print which sits flush inside the custom designed moulding with a small gap in-between. The frame is approximately 3cm deep and comes in Black, White and Silver aluminium. Like the European frame option, it has an adjustable wire hanging system on the back so it’s ready to hang!

Tasmanian Oak - A classic look

The Tasmanian Oak Frame is a sustainably managed Australian smooth raw hardwood timber that adds a high-end natural warmth to compliment all metal print surfaces. A Scandinavian inspired style that is modern and minimalist, the frame is 35mm deep from the wall. The moulding surrounding the metal print, when viewed from the front is 7mm, with a small gap between the metal print edge and the moulding. This traditional frame system, has an adjustable wire hanging system on the back so it’s ready to hang.

Metal is a very durable material, allowing your art to look just as great many years down the line. ChromaLuxe Metal prints are waterproof and scratch-resistant, which further adds to their longevity and makes them extremely easy to maintain. Smudges and fingerprints can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth without having to worry about damaging the print. This also makes them more versatile, as they can be displayed in kitchens and bathrooms.

What you get...

Striking - Eye-catching Wall Art!

Aluminium HD prints are a real attention grabber. An industrial and contemporary feel while adding depth.

Ready to hang - Floating Mount or choice of frames

Keep it simple or upgrade with a stunning frame.

Style - With durability

Metal printing produces a very durable product. Printed on aluminum, metal photos are less susceptible to damage than other materials. Scratch-resistant, they require little maintenance and upkeep to ensure they look freshly printed and in pristine condition.

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