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Let's talk about Acrylic

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

My images, when produced as acrylic prints, are printed to high grade photo paper and reverse mounted to acrylic. This acrylic facemount method, as opposed to printing directly to the acrylic, is the traditional method carried on from the Diasec Photo Mounting era in Europe from the late 1960s, before machines were used to try and replicate the look. The main reason for using this more difficult, time consuming and expensive method? Quality! No machine produced acrylic print will match the vibrancy and quality of an acrylic face mount.

Once my printed image is mounted behind the acrylic, the back is covered with treated aluminium. This process completely protects the image from front to back. The print is mounted edge to edge of the acrylic and then finished off with hand polished edges.

Why acrylic?

Acrylic Prints are often showcased in art galleries, photography exhibitions, or high-end home decorations due to their contemporary and sophisticated look. They’re a fantastic choice for my landscape images, ensuring stunning depth and vibrancy is displayed.

Acrylic facemounts are a stunning, sleek and contemporary way to display my landscape images. They offer an incredible floating, frameless finish to fit the modern home or office when mounted on your wall. Alternatively, they can be produced with a floating frame for an extra special finish.

Acrylic prints are designed for durability. Because the final product is covered in an acrylic sheet, this provides UV resistance and makes the prints waterproof. This makes acrylic prints perfect for displaying in high-humidity environments such as kitchens bathrooms and basements. They are also easy to clean. Just wipe away any dirt, dust or fingerprints with a cloth or towel. And unlike a canvas print for instance, acrylic prints are rip-proof and tear-proof, ideal for homes with young children or pets.

What you get...

Stylish - A perfect interior piece!

Acrylic facemounting is one of the most impressive and striking ways to display my photographic prints.

Ready to hang - Floating Mount

Once hung, the print floats approx 9-17mm off the wall depending on what type of hangers are chosen. A choice of 2 types of hangers are available, split batten or aluminium pipe hanging system.

Elegance - With UV Protection

My acrylic prints use a 4.5mm Optically Clear Museum Grade Acrylic which has a 100% UV protection making them extremely safe to use, as they are shatter resistant and have an excellent resistance to sunlight, weather and either high or low temperatures.

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