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Let's talk about Paper

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

My images, when printed on paper are produced on various acid-free paper products using vibrant archival inks to guarantee they last a lifetime without fading or loss of color.

My paper prints are produced using the best quality inkjet printers, inks and paper. My chosen paper collection is a high-end range of unique, high-quality FineArt inkjet papers. The combination of pure artist papers, special surface textures and an extensive range of premium inkjet coatings guarantees extraordinary print results with bright colours, deep blacks, excellent contrast and outstanding reproduction of detail and depth. With a resistance to ageing of more than 100 years, the inkjet media I use for my paper prints are perfect for displaying my landscape images in your home or office.

The paper used for my landscape images will more than likely be printed with the intention of displaying on a wall, behind glass. With this in mind, I have found that the most suitable kinds of paper to use will usually fall into 3 categories. Fine Art Smooth Cotton Rag, Smooth Pearl (luster) or Metallic. Factors that have helped me select the best possible paper for my images include: contrast range, paper tone, sharpness, surface appearance and gamut.

When purchasing one of my images as a paper print, I can suggest the best option for a particular image, depending on how and where it will be displayed.

Why paper?

Printing on paper offers us the freedom of displaying my images in a few different ways while ensuring maximum colour reproduction, density, contrast, saturation and sharpness every time. Paper prints are most commonly mounted and then framed behind glass but can also be displayed on a block mount or kept in a suitable album.

Framed prints offer a sophisticated feel to my wall art. Stylish and elegant, framed images are printed in crisp detail and beautiful color.

Why framed paper prints?

Framing gives a paper print the look of having a “built-in” mat around the outside, making it look more like fine art and less like a poster. A frame enhances the print and makes it a real eye-stopper with a beautiful box frame underneath suitable non-reflective glass. Framed prints help to create a cohesive look within a room, helping to avoid odd mismatching.

Framing one of my landscape images helps to tie-in a particular print with the surrounding colours and feel of a particular interior space without detracting from the original print. Framing helps to preserve the paper print by limiting yellowing, fading or degrading, as well as extending the intensity of the piece that drew your interest in the first place.

Adding a frame to a print can add the finishing touch to the image to make sure the fine-art print is presented at its best by complimenting and highlighting the elements that I may have had in mind in the first place. Adding a frame can make my image appear more complete, as well as enhancing the overall look of the piece in its surroundings.

What you get...

Stunning versatility - My images looking their very best!

Exceptional colour reproduction and print quality.

Endless Options - For printing and displaying

Display or keep paper prints however you like.

Finishing Touch - Frame to tie-in and preserve

Display the print in a way that maximises visual impact.

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