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Lets talk about glass...

What type of glass should I use for my framed print?

Most people are aware that there are lots of choices when it comes to the different types of frames and matboards, but are probably not aware that there are several choices available when it comes to the type of glass used when framing one of my prints.

If you are considering having one of my prints framed, there are several choices available when it comes to the type of “glass”, “glazing”, or “facing” that can be used. The information here will help explain what choices are available and what benefits each type of glass offers, when it comes to the protection and display properties of my prints. 

In most instances, you have to take into consideration two things when deciding which glass to use;

What are the viewing properties? And do you need UV protection?


Here are the choices,

White Bordder.jpg

White border

Choose a white border if you would like the image title, location, date and my signature underneath the printed image. This line of information will then be visible when the print is framed. The mat window will be cut 12mm around the print giving a white border between the print edge and inner mat window.



Choose a borderless print if you want the image to fill the printed sheet, edge to edge. The framer can then cut the mat so that the print  fills the mat window, edge to edge. Borderless prints can also be framed without any kind of border. My borderless prints come with a digital signature unless otherwise requested.

Glass Matte Portrait 3.jpg


Once you have decided on the type of paper print you want, you can then organise for the framing yourself or I can do that for you. I'm happy to walk you through that process, show you different samples and make suggestions as to what type of frame and mat would best suit your print. Click here to purchase a print to fit your particular print size.

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