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Real Estate Photography Adelaide

I provide expertise in the field of real estate photography. Utilising the latest technology & techniques in post production, my photos stand alone in quality and precision. You will enjoy my highly professional and consultative approach towards agents, vendors & investors alike. Whether its a sale or rental you can rest assured that all your photographic needs will be taken care of.


Presentation Tips

Here are some basic tips to help you get ready to have your home photographed and  ready for your open inspections. 

It is important to de-clutter and de-personalise; remember often less is more. Decluttering makes a house appear more spacious. By removing your own personal items it allows a buyer to imagine themselves and their belongings in the house. But don't go overboard so it looks vacant or lacks character. Splashes of colour here and there can help draw attention, especially when it comes to the internet advertising where little images need to stand out.

In the kitchen, clear bench tops, leaving a few select items out for decoration. Bowls of fruit or a vase of flowers placed strategically can set a scene nicely. Put away plugs, dishcloths, hand towels and tea towels.

Keep it simple. If your floors are in good condition pull up the rug and show them off.

Try to colour co ordinate: Matching pillows on a lounge suite, matching towels in the bathroom, a plain throw rug across a bed all can make a difference.

Good photographs require good lighting, so be sure to clean windows and make sure curtains are open and all lights are working.

Tuck away cords too if you can as these can impede a well angled photo.

If you don't get around to cleaning those fly screens simply remove them and put them back once you have gotten the courage(or a trusty friend) to clean them.

Tidy up outside too. Clear clutter and sweep. Make sure all bins are placed out of sight. Tuck away hoses.

Also, remember pets and people need to be out of sight too. So be prepared to tuck yourself away, go for a walk or drive and let the photographer concentrate and capture the best people and pet free photos of your property. 

  • I aim to exceed your expectations.

  • Photography & floor plans

  • Every image is enhanced.

  • Twilight Photography

  • Drone Photography

  • Virtual furniture

  • Sky replacement

  • My Premium Package provides as many images as the property needs to showcase all features, around 30 images for a 4 bedroom home.

  • I give you the most images for unique homes or twighlight photography.

  • Images and floor plan available the following business day.

  • I enhance every photo and draw your floor plan in house.

  • Images can be supplied with your watermark

  • High res and web optimised images supplied

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