• Michael Waterhouse

Kangaroo Island Adventures

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Thank you for reading my first ever blog post! I visited Kangaroo Island at the start of October and thought I'd share my story of my short visit to the amazing island. I visited there 10 years ago with my sister on one of those short two day package trips and even though we had a great time I'd always wanted to return since I'd taken up photography to see the place with a new set of eyes. I've been lucky enough to travel overseas a couple of times this year to Canada, Cuba, New York and Hong Kong so I thought I'd push my luck and squeeze in a cheeky trip over to KI before the end of the year, although this little holiday was definitely going to have to be done on a budget so camping was the go. I also wanted to try out some new camping gear that I'd had a while but hadn't used yet and also my new 4WD car. With annual leave on short supply I decided on the October long weekend and the start of Spring. We're lucky here in SA in that we're pretty much guaranteed good weather for most of the year. Especially when compared to the British weather I'd grown up with! So the start of October it was, what could go wrong? The island was bound to be looking lush and colourful with the arrival of the sunny spring weather, right? In my head, perfect camping conditions were on the agenda but winter was dragging its heals somewhat. We had terrible weather earlier in September and I was actually quite glad that we had that and we'd finally got the bad stuff out of the way! So I was buying some fishing supplies the weekend before in preparation for my trip and the helpful shop assistant who happened to be a KI local was giving me some tips on fishing spots and happened to mention the massive weather front that we were going to be getting here. Typhoon and monsoon were a couple of words thrown in to the conversation. So now I'm starting to panic somewhat. Especially as I'm going to be camping. I kept a keen eye on the forecasts and wild weather lashed the state plunging the place in to darkness for hours from Wednesday afternoon with the worst of the storms due on the Thursday. The forecast did however predict an improvement on the Saturday when I was due to make the crossing on the Sealink ferry and the weather gods were smiling on me that day. I got across there and managed to set up camp on the afternoon on the western end of the island.

Base Camp

Western Ki Caravan Park

I wanted to spend a few days over on the western end of the island so that I could get a few sunsets and sunrises in at Admirals Arch, Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse and Remarkable Rocks. The drive over from Penneshaw revealed an island full of colour after the recent rains and the place looked absolutely stunning. I decided to stay at the Western KI Caravan Park which is only a short drive to Flinders Chase National Park and is a great little spot. I highly recommend this place to people with families as they have short walks allowing visitors up close viewing of wildlife in their natural surrounds. You can see koala’s, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and an extensive range of bird life just roaming about the place. The animals are bit cheeky though. I was asleep on the first night and thought I could hear someone rummaging through my things in the next room of my tent but in my sleep delirium I wasn't sure if I was just dreaming it. The next morning I checked my things and something had opened my (unopened) packet of bread and had had a midnight feast. I'm thinking it was probably a wallaby as they are small enough to get under the gaps in my tent unless they have very flexible kangaroo burglars on the island!

Kangaroo at Western Ki Caravan Park

Western Ki Caravan Park

Anyway, on to the photography. The sort of weather that was forecast for my stay on the island was intermittent rain, strong winds and cloudy skies. As a photographer, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as this sort of weather can often add drama into the images we capture, with interesting light especially for sunsets and sunrises. You only really want clear blue skies if you're after capturing the typical postcard images that are popular with tourism companies although I was hoping to get a few of those types of images during the day time. My first evening was spent at Remarkable Rocks. The place really is unbelievable and beautiful. Giant rock sculptures sit atop the the edge of the coastline offering excellent compositions in any direction. This was also my first introduction to the ferocious winds that were blowing in from the west which made taking photos that little bit more difficult and were a constant for my time over on this side of the island. They also made camping in a tent interesting to sa